Thursday, September 20, 2007

Um, you can't drive from London to Sydney

Ever tried to do three impossible things before breakfast?

I saw this on the Daily Dish blog just now. This is weird. The OzBus company, owned and operated in the UK, gives overland bus trips from London to Sydney. The one in New South Wales. That's in Australia.

You can't drive from London to Sydney!!!

The most irritating thing is that absolutely nowhere on their website do they explain how they get from Southeast Asia to Indonesia to Australia. Unless the caravan converts into a boat or something.

And it appears to be one of those deals where you make your own food and pitch tent for the night, unless your stop is at a hotel, in which case you can stop for delicious local food. Me, I'd want some kangaroo burgers. Kangaroo meat is pretty tasty.

Don't get me wrong, it sounds lovely. And at £3,750 (AU$9,000), it's probably cheap.

But it's still not possible to drive - in a car, or a bus, or a land vehicle - from London to Sydney!!! Do you know how deep the Arafura Sea is that divides Indonesia and New Guinea from Australia? Downwards of 80 meters. You're not going to get a bus across that.


Anonymous said...

"It’s from the Indonesian side of the island our bus boards ship for Darwin, Australia. Whilst our bus is at sea we are just a short flight away from our last continent to conquer!"

Malnurtured Snay said...

If you explore the website a bit, you find a section "WHAT IS/WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED."

One of the things NOT included is airfare ... "Any flights (expected – East Timor to Darwin)"

In otherwords, you still gotta shell out extra moola over what you thought you'd paid for the trip.

John said...

That little quote must've been well-hidden. I looked all over the site and didn't find it at all.

At least they fund the East Timor-to-Darwin" leg of the trip.

Malnurtured Snay said...

John - No they don't, that's explicitly included in the "Costs NOT Covered" section.

John said...

Oopsie - Thought that said "excepted" not "expected"