Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Street food for the soul

Yahoo News lists suggestions for safe street-food eating by chef and foodie travel writer Tom Kime . Some of his suggestions? They might seem obvious, but somehow I am a dunce at putting them into practice. So I must remember them. The most instructive for me?

Follow crowds "A line of people is always a good indicator that the food is tasty and fresh-- it never sits idle for long. If a vendor on a busy street has no customers, there's probably a reason."

Ask the locals
"The best recommendations I got were from taxi drivers, policemen, shop owners, and office workers. Locals are discerning: They only eat what they like and what doesn't make them sick."
This would've helped me on my last trip to NYC, when I stopped at a mediocre kosher food stand with absolutely nobody standing around it. Mind you, I figured it out when I passed the halal falafel stand with five people huddled around it in the June heat.


foodette said...

Agreed - I am always that person who wants to try something "new" and "undiscovered", only to leave disappointed realizing the food was neither new or undiscovered, but terrible. As in, everyone already knew this and avoided it like the plague - that is, everyone but me.

danielle said...

You have a new look for the site. It's very Maryland. :)

I want to know how you find the good food without the lines. I can be so impatient. And I fall into foodette's mistake at times, too, because I want to be different.

Anonymous said...

I told someone in Jamaica that I wanted to leave my resort and eat where the locals eat, like a good foodie. I was promptly told to stay on my resort and not to leave.

I guess it just depends.

John said...

Atlanta Social: I've heard people say it's dangerous for tourists to leave the resort areas. I wonder if it's true? If so, then that's disappointing.

Danielle: Yep, I'm playing around with new designs. My next goal: to add a third column!

Foodette: Yep, that's totally me! To wit: My trip to NYC last November, where I only found pretty mediocre food. Just sad.