Friday, September 14, 2007

Oooh, I know what they want to give up!

They want to give up all those trans-fatty foods they're all sitting on, right? Not surprisingly, when this music video was over, I just felt hungry. But anyone who's been reading this blog should've figured that out by now. Don't watch if you don't like watching scantily clad, half 1940's half 21st century women sitting on top of donuts and cinnamon rolls, or the overweight hip hop artist rapping about 'em.

Give It Up by Twista featuring Pharrell. I've linked to the former's profile page on VH1. It says something about the state of music TV in America when VH1, the once "adult contemporary" video channel, is now playing hip hop while MTV is showing, well, the Real World.


Anonymous said...

If they ate more of those desserts they would not look like that in hot pants. :)

But how do donuts go with girls givin' it up?

John said...

Exactly! But I have no idea. I think Pharrell was just hungry :D