Saturday, September 01, 2007

Minato the Threequel

Well, the bill for my car is paid, and it's not small. I'm not going anywhere near Virginia this weekend :( It's not that I have no money left - but I won't if I'm not careful. The best way to be careful is to just stay home.

With that, I wonder if I should've gone to Minato last night. I've been hoping to get back there since they moved to their new location between the Belvedere and the Grand Central. My sister and I went last night and kept it simple, which is not like us. We usually overeat in this sort of situation.

Minato is much skinnier and more modern looking. Very sleek these days. And apart from the big fancy mirror in the back, I like it. What I didn't like was the massive amount of noise from the party of 25 seated next to us (I'm not exaggerating that much). They left about halfway through our meal, but stayed long enough that I was about to move. Of course, there's my sister saying we should wait them out. Oh well.

Back to the food: we did stick to a limited menu. All we got was the two-person sushi-sashimi plate ($36), arranged in an artistic way. And that's what we got: lots of tasty sashimi, sushi and rolls, arranged in a lovely and artistic way. As far as the taste, it wasn't anything astounding, but it was satisfying, and that is a good thing in a sushi bar. My favorites were the mackerel and the fatty tuna, and a tasty spicy roll with a little bit of crunch.

For dessert we had a choice of four ice creams: red bean, green tea, lychee and mango. I got lychee, my sister got mango. Though good, it's not something I'd enjoy all the time. But I'd recommend it, at least once. Very citrus-y.

The total came to about $50, for the two-person sushi platter, the ice creams, a Diet Coke and a small bottle of cold sake. Plus tip, it came to about $60. And for a change, we left full and content but not in pain.

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