Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally Flickr'd My Photos From... Cali

I've uploaded my photos from my recent California trip up to Flickr. I had no idea the bastards charged you if you wanted to create more than 3 sets, like, ever. But I ponied up the money (Rrrrr). I'll post a photo from each set below. Each photo links to the entire set (or just check out the whole dern mess of 'em here). And, I've geotagged them! I love that feature. Yes, as far as online mapping tools go, it's pretty primitive (doesn't zoom in as much as the others, and there's hardly any intersection recognition). But it's all they have, so I deal.

Talk about cold feet!

Now those are some
big children.

So I guess parking is tough in San Fran! (This was in the Mission District.)

A tribute to interned Japanese-Americans and the spirit of Old Japantown

Peaceful, innit?

Hey, the guys in
Sideways could've gone to Temecula! It was hella closer than Santa Barbara.

(Fargo accent:) Ya Harvey, I'm just going to sit here until I remember where you parked the car. Could take years, dontcha know.

Class. Just screams "class."


danielle said...

Congratulations on being a paid Flickr Pro member.

I enjoy your photo sets. I have more than 2000 pics and 60 sets on Flickr now. I figure I'll get my money's worth.

We missed you at the food blogger cocktail party.

John said...

Well thanks! Good to see you made it safely back to Maryland. I had to stay in and get stuff done for work all weekend. The thunderstorm and subsequent loss of power for, oh, four hours didn't help me get anything done. Hope the storm didn't affect the party! I'm looking forward to details...