Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chocolate Refrain

I feel as if I'm the last to jump on these YouTube music bandwagons. First it was the "Mexican Breakfast" mash-ups. Now it's widely acclaimed Tay Zonday and his "Chocolate Rain" song. No it's not meant to be funny. The kid's voice really sounds like that. Listen for the distinct message in this song, which deals with racism. Parodies miss it. Then again, they're not parodying the message but rather Tay Zonday's style.

And of course, there are the inevitable spoofs. The funniest one is by Darth Vader (from Uebasnet)

A less silly one includes Homer Simpson dancing around in Chocolate and S'mores Land.

Other, sillier versions include renditions by Kermit the Frog, Terrance and Philip, and some guy named Peppergod doing his nonsense word version "Vanilla Snow" (he does get some of Tay Zonday's idiosyncrasies down pat). And last but certainly least is this five second clip of a little stick figure with a big Christmas-y grin on his face when it starts raining chocolate bars (from Thumperlarkey).

UPDATE: I just found this "death metal" version. With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory spliced in for good measure. Oh my Lord.


Fairfax said...

just shoot me.