Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mexican Breakfast Buffet, Mash-Up Style

First off, I think I'm jumping onto a large bandwagon here. But that's because this is so nifty. A ridiculously large number of people seems to have linked to this from NPR to Atlantic Monthly political blogger Andrew Sullivan. And because I found the food angle, I am, too.

I have no idea why this is called Mexican Breakfast. Whenever I think of a Mexican breakfast, it's usually eggs, fruit, maybe some beans and chilis (that's definitely stuff you'd find in a Guatemalan breakfast), with delicious, mouthwatering chilaquiles or even huevos rancheros. But not Gwen Verdon. And yet, lo and behold, Bob Fosse-ized AM gold from Ed Sullivan, featuring Gwen Verdon at the helm.

Cut back to yesterday, when I saw this mashup on Andrew Sullivan's blog. I don't listen to much hip hop. But this was very nifty. The song is "Walk It Out," based on the Atlanta hip hop dance of the same name, popularized by hip hop artist UNK and remixed by fellow Atlanta native Andre 3000:

I think Fosse would've liked it. I think this is an epidemic, both of "Walk It Out" mashups (TeleTubbies, Happy Feet AND Barney) and "Mexican Breakfast" mashups (four on this page, plus the original; and then there's this one from Artifacting). To wit, this slightly different mashup, featuring a Wolfmother song and Verdon doing the same Fosse dance:

I'm no longer thinking about chilaquiles.