Tuesday, June 19, 2007

¿Y por qué hoy escribo mi blog en español?

Solamente introducir un link a la página "Babelfish" - y también porque me siento un poco tonto (y un "comentarista" en el blog "Pigtown-Design" me inspiró por comentar en portugués). Es provechoso si un lector español-hablante navegue el web y encuentra mi blog. No puedo escribir cada post en español! Un consejo: Babelfish es muy útil, pero para palabras específicamente en español, francés, italiano o portugués, la página WordReference.com es más exacta.

Traducción: Only to introduce a link to the "Babelfish" page - and also because I feel a little silly (and a commentator on the "Pigtown-Design" blog inspired me by commenting in Portuguese). It's useful if a Spanish-speaking reader navigates the web and finds my blog. I can't write every post in Spanish! One piece of advice: Babelfish is very useful, but for words specifically in Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese, the page WordReference.com is more exact.


Fairfax said...

I wouldn't survive without Babelfish. I had to do a lot of french translations when i was in Wales and there were words I just couldn't get.

Alex said...

Wow, what a strange coincidence! I received my first non-English trackback today from an old post. I had to use Babelfish to translate the page; looked like Spanish, but didn't translate well from Spanish or Portugese. Turned out it was Italian! It does okay with formal language. It didn't translate a lot of the slang.

John said...

Fairfax: Now it would really be cool if they had a Babelfish English <-> Welsh feature! But is that really useful in Wales? I don't know, so you should tell me.

Alex: Yeah, I thought that post was Italian.

Y'all: Believe it or not, I wrote that post more or less wiht little help from Babelfish. Wordreference.com as very useful though.

Fairfax said...

Most everything is in Welsh and English. They even had a (made up) word in Welsh for tampon... like that's freaking historic!

John said...

A Welsh word for "tampon"? Now that's just plain digri!