Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Map of North American Totem Foods

I just found this really cool blog, Strange Maps, that has, well, strange maps! I was cycling through the posts and found a food-related one. This shows the "Totem Foods of North America." A quote from the page describes the map thusly:

the many distinctive regional food traditions on the North American continent by featuring a totem food key to the identity of each region. These totem foods are more than just important commodities - community feasts, household rituals, song, stories and the nutritional well-being of residents have revolved around these foods for centuries

Here's the map:

Judging from this map, Baltimore (I'm not exactly sure where the Chesapeake is) lies somewhere towards the northern part of the "Cornbread and BBQ Nation." More than enough cornbread here, though we're a little less barbecue-y than some places. But I like that nation. Good food.

Food haiku:

Regions of US
Based on most popular foods -
We're Cornbread-landers!


Butters said...

Very cool! I was a Geography major in college so I really enjoyed this post. Yeah! I love being part of the Corn Bread & BBQ Nation. I'll be sure to show my pride whenever possible.

John said...

Mmmm. Cornbread and BBQ. Looks kind of like a map of Native American culture areas, only with different borders and with cornbread and BBQ!