Thursday, June 14, 2007

Road Trip Alert: Downy Ayshin, hon

My sister and I are going down with some family friends to Ocean City!

Okay, y'all might be thinking "Big whoop." But hold on! I have not been to OCMD for over 10 years (eleven to be exact). I went down with my girlfriend at the time (sigh, if we had only known then what I know now...).

Looking forward to some crabs, maybe a drive into Delaware. And perhaps revisiting a few old foodie haunts. But I realize now that I have no idea what's still open! What sticks in my mind the most are a few restaurants and food stands on the Boardwalk:

  • a really good crepe place somewhere between 50th and 60th St.
  • the England's buffet, which left me with a horrible stomachache due to overeating
  • several crab houses which college friends of mine visited with me long long ago. One was around 30th, another was on the road between the inlet and Berlin
  • and of course, the Alaska Stand around 9th and the Boardwalk. I had my very first OC food experience ever there, for high school senior week way back in 199-, er, sometime during the first Bush administration.
And I wonder when my lazy-arse classmates are going to plan a reunion! They did absolutely nothing for our... aaah, again I give too much info away :)