Friday, June 01, 2007

Maybe I'm just eating out too much? Pt. 1 of 2: Papermoon Diner

I got rear-ended today! Lucky me. Even luckier that the damage was mostly to my trunk. Even luckier than that, the woman who hit me also belongs to my insurance company. Best of all, I don't have to pay for the damages, or the rental while the repairs are being made. And it could've been worse. It could've been a tractor trailer.

I was just getting back from eating a delicious Greek dinner. I think I am eating out too much again. Not that I've paid too much for doing so these past few days. Two examples of food I've tried in as many days:

Papermoon Diner - My friend from England - well, who lives in England, the same friend whose partner works at the US Embassy - is in town. After meeting up at the Grand Central (yes, I got a Guinness), he suggested the Papermoon Diner on 29th Street. This place has good old American food, which my friend finds very little of in London that's worth eating. Paper Moon's was delicious, and their decor is a fun, brightly-colored, almost Hampdenish kind of decor. Only it's not Hampden, but Charles Village (that's Charles Village, right?). And the outside is just as fun and rainbow-colorful as the inside.

The menus are in old book covers, and show some typical diner food. My friend ordered a large plate of multicolored nachos with guacamole and melted cheese oozing all over the place. Nachos in the UK? Well, London has lots of good dishes, but your typical order of nachos is not among them: Doritos with melted mozzarella. Ick. These, however, were artery-clogging, tough to get out from under all that cheese, salsa, guac, sour cream. OMG, 'twas divine, simply divine.

For dinner, my friend ordered a cheese steak, which he seemed satisfied with. I ordered the patty melt with swiss on rye, medium rare ($8.50), but with sweet (potato) fries instead of the regular (add another $1.50). Again, I was very impressed, satiated, satisfied, what have you. The patty melt was heaven, and the bread slightly salty and buttery. Oh yes, I know I have to go to the gym tomorrow. * And the fries were better if sparser than those from the Golden West Cafe - and came out a helluva lot faster (and hotter).

The whole cost came to about $32, which he covered; he just asked me to get the tip. So in exchange, I bought him a drink at a favorite bar of his, the Phoenix. A two-story gay pub, it's far less seedy than I had thought from stories I've heard. I got two Bud Lights for the price of one - Thursday night special.

* That is, if I can trust that my trunk will not be un-bungeed (it's currently being held "shut" with a bungee cord) by some ass who sees that it's, well, open.


Fairfax said...

there's just something about paper moon that i don't like. maybe it's the service, maybe it's the fact that it always looks dirty or maybe it's the fact that my stomach's always upset afterwards. dunno.

Baltimore Snacker said...

I don't know, I was really charmed by the place. I didn't feel icky afterwards, but maybe it just has a certain effect on some folks.

Rachel said...

I don't like paper moon at all. the last time i was there, a waiter dropped someone's breakfast leftovers on my head, soaking me in syrup, waffles and butter and then yelled at me. When I all I did was sit there, then they refused to replace my purse (coated in syrup) and have my clothes cleaned.

Baltimore Snacker said...

That sucks! Not very charitable of them at all. I'm always telling children not to hold styrofoam trays of food over other children's heads because it could fall all over them. I'd like to think an adult would have learned that common sense!

em said...

papermoon has decent food, but too many "rules" for a restaurant.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Ooh, I don't know these rules - of course, we just popped in and back out so I don't know. I'm hearing nothing but strange things about Paper Moon, either all bad or mixed. Nothing 100% positive yet.

Zen said...

It's technically Remington, actually...but closer to Charles Village than Hampden :-)