Saturday, June 02, 2007

I seem to like the places everybody hates.

I was taken with Paper Moon Papermoon Diner, where I ate with a friend a few nights ago. A few others were not so taken - qv the Comments section for this earlier post. Here are some horror stories, as well as some happy stories, over the Papermoon.


zenchick said...

I *heart* that place. (you have to go in knowing there is a funky service system, and have no expectations.)

danielle said...

I used to like papermoon at lot more. They raised their prices. Howevever, taking someone there and having them startled by the mannequin in the ladies room is always fun! I also went on more than one date there while in college and was seated at the same table each time. The table was bad luck, though, neither of the guys worked out!