Friday, May 11, 2007

Where to Buy Fish in Bawlmer?

Julie at Kitchenography just asked in a recent comment:

Any good tips on where to buy fish? I haven't managed to find a place I really like which seems absurd, seeing as how we're in Baltimore and all.

Of course, Lexington Market (, no hyperlink - very annoying audio on their home page) came to mind, though I was hard pressed to think of all the other places, like that one place Mo's on President St (a restaurant and market), and probably somewhere in Fells. Help: where are some other good places to buy fresh seafood - not already prepared, but fresh off the boat (or almost so)?


Fairfax said...

What about H-Mart? Their fish are so fresh that they're still swimming in some cases.

Fairfax said...

oops... or Nick's at Cross street market.

danielle said...

I'm not that discerning. I'll buy catfish or salmon at the grocery store when it's on sale.

Lexington was ranked #4 seafood mkt. nationally here: Julie might want to try Cross St. market. There's also Ikan Seafood in the Belvedere Square market. They have a sushi bar and also sell sush-grade fish, so it's probably pricey.