Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lemon Sticks at the Fair

Check out Food Maven Rachel's article on the Culinate website. It mentions lemon sticks - those lemon halves with a peppermint stick stuck into the middle that you suck on. I never realized that it was uniquely a Baltimore thing!

Curiously, I've never had one, but now I want one!


jmc said...

Not being a native Baltimoron, I'd never heard of a lemon stick or of the Flowermart until my first year out of school. At lunchtime, one of the partners announced that we had to go for a walk. And voila! up to the Washington Monument we went. Mmmm.

Fairfax said...

kool-aid pickles, but they also reference lemon sticks.

Gordy said...

I remember lemon sticks at the Towson Fair, now the Towsontowne Festival. The ladies from the Campus Hills community had a booth each year and they sold what we kids thought was the best thing at the fair. It was always our first stop with my grandmother.