Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Four out of five doctors choose Diet Coke

I have never laughed at a bottle of soda before in my life. That is until now. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Diet Coke with vitamins and minerals:

The official name is Diet Coke Plus. I just think it's odd. Sorry, no witty math joke today. I'm belching up niacin!


danielle said...

It's better than Crystal Pepsi! I've actually been saying for years that they should fortify soda. I'm good at drinking soda and bad at taking vitamins. I'd prefer regular Coke Plus, though. I like my niacin sweeter!

Baltimore Snacker said...

OMG I had totally forgotten about Crystal Pepsi! That stuff was, um, interesting. Point taken on the fortified Coke. But it's still weird. It's WEIRD! :)