Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Paula Deen Up Near Honland, Hon

I've mentioned my unhealthy fascination with Paula Deen before. The unhealthy part is from the artery-clogging nature of all that good Southern food, not anything weird (umm, ewww). Well, an anonymous poster just informed me that the Lady will be in the Mid-Atlantic / Upper-Most South this fall. Specifically, she is coming to the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show in Washington in November. More details here. I think I may have to get me some tickets!


Jeff said...

She was just in DC for her book tour too - did a smithsonian appearance.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Damn, and I missed her :(

jmc said...

I love to watch Paula Deen -- must love a woman who thinks "a little bit o' butter" is a whole stick. I used one of her recipes for a Thanksgiving pumpkin cake. Good god -- two sticks of butter (one in the crust, one in the filling), a block of cream chese, and most of a box of 10X. Everyone LOVED the cake, but I'm pretty sure I bumped up their cholesterol significantly.