Monday, November 27, 2006

The Paula Deen Store

Hey y'all. I've mentioned Paula Deen on this website a few times. And of course, she is not a Bawlamoron. But the Lady is one of my faves on a Food Network that, to be honest, is getting more and more junked up with stuff that just isn't fun to watch anymore (the EVOO schtick is wearing reeeeal THIN, Rachael). I dunno, maybe I'm crazy, but I enjoy Paula's Home Cooking - she seems to have so much fun. She and Duff Goldman - Bawlmer's own Ace of Cakes. I love his show, too, but alas, no recipes, and I have no patience to figure out how to make a German shepherd cake covered in fondant.

I admit, I haven't caught her new Paula's Party show. I'm almost afraid to, because Food Network personalities really have a bad track record when they embark on show #2. And I admit I'm not particularly glued to Road Tasted, though I did enjoy seeing the Deen brothers make Maryland crab cakes in (GASP!) DC (one of the boys has a friend up here, and Paula herself has made one of said friend's recipes).

And she has used Old Bay more than once, which tells me at least that she has good taste.

So I joined Paula Deen's mailing list. Not only because I love her show (hell, I made her oyster cornbread stuffing for Thanksgiving last year), but because I will be road tripping - OK, plane tripping - to northern Georgia at the end of January. I'll be in Augusta on family business, but I'm already planting those seeds in my family's heads - "Oooh! Savannah is only two hours away from Augusta! Oooh! Paula Deen's restaurant is in Savannah! Oooh! What say we do a little road trip?"

Today I get a Happy Holidays catalog - only about 16 pages or so - from the Paula Deen store. Some of this stuff is positively sinful (I mean that in a good way), but a little expensive - a Chocolate Gooey Cake for $29? Forget that, I'll make my own. Still, much of the stuff is on the high end of reasonably priced. Six different Paula Deen spice varieties for $21 - that's $21 for the whole lot of six, not $21 each. Average prices: about $5.50 each. And they have T-shirts, too! ("Southern Cook in Training"? $13.)

No, I probably won't order anything. But I'll drool over the Chocolate Gooey Cake a bit.


Anonymous said...

Paula Deen is Satan at his worst. Contrary to what she thinks not every recipe needs to include condensed milk and lard. Encouraging bad eating habits is not cute and fun. Although, if Rachel Ray says E-V-O-O one more time I'm going to hurl. Food Network is going down the tubes.

danielle said...

I've been warming up to Paula Deen. She's delightfully kooky. I agree with anonymous that she could tone down the calories and still have things taste yummy.

My favorite food network show is Alton Brown's Good Eats, but unfortunately they are no longer making new episodes. :(

Anonymous said...

Paula's going to be at The Metropolitan COoking & Entertaining Show in Washington, DC November 3 - 4, 2007. Tickets went on sale today at Here's your chance to see her in person!

Patricia Wareham said...

I think there should be more people that love to cook the way Paula does. We only go around one time in our life, why shouldn't we enjoy it?? A person can only eat cardboard and drink goop for so long til they just need some of that downhome cooking! You go girl!!
March 21, 2009