Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Old Bay Seasoning - Outside of Maryland?

I mentioned that favorite all-purpose Chesapeake Bay seasoning in an earlier post. I could talk about it for pages, so I won't, because I also have a day job. But I just wanted to comment about all the different places I have seen it! It continues to amaze me that people outside of Maryland have access to it. Again, Paula Deen uses it down in Savannah, GA. I also was surprised by this post from a mail order company in New England, Yankee Grocer. They truly stretch from way north to way south.

And they go West, though I had difficulty finding it in stores in SoCal when I lived out in the Inland Empire (Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario - were LA's smog goes to die) a few years ago. Most of their supermarket chains carry Old Bay. If you're ever stranded in SoCal and desperate for Old Bay, mind you, avoid the Stater Brothers grocery chain; they don't have it. Ralph's, Von's (a subsidiary of Safeway) and Albertson's all have it.

And of course, Food Network reserves an entire (small) page to Old Bay.

But I will mention one use for Old Bay that I rarely see anybody mention: popcorn. It is wonderful on popcorn. I don't bother with popcorn when I go to the movies anymore, but when I did I always snuck it in, in a small bottle. Do that next time you go to the movies, I swear it makes the popcorn edible, and yummy!


Malnurtured Snay said...


Here's an antecdote you'll appreciate. Years ago I was in Boston and stopped by a Subway sandwich shop off the Boston Commons. I always get Old Bay as a seasoning on my subs -- it's so "teh good." Anyway, the foreign ladies behind the counter had some trouble understanding me.

"Lettuce, onion, pickles, mayonaise, old bay."

"You no pay?"

"Hmm? No, old bay."

"No pay?"

So no Old Bay, but yes pay.

Have you ever driven up to Hunt Valley, through the industrial section? When they're making Old Bay at 10901 Gilroy, you can smell it EVERYWHERE!

platypotamus said...

We lived down in Savannah for a couple of years... and I always had to chuckle when, in one of the millions of tourist shops, I would come across a fridge magnet or post card for "Savannah Style Crab Cakes" or "Savannah Shrimp". The first ingredient listed on them was invariably "Old Bay Seasoning".

too funny.

danielle said...

I've often seen Maryland Style Crab Cakes on menus in other places, and question their quaility, but having never been to Savannah, I've never seen Savannah Style Crab Cakes masquerading as such. Maryland Crab Soup is my favorite soup, and I wish I could get that outside of local places.

I love Old Bay on popcorn and corn on the cob.