Saturday, April 21, 2007

I just didn't feel regular until...

My God, I just saw two - two - pharmaceutical ads in one commercial break while watching the CBS Evening News. Okay, I wasn't really watching, it was just on after WJZ's evening news. And another one is on now!

We can tell just how nutso this is all getting when we start seeing food commercials start to resemble these obnoxious, bullshitty "I am suffering but now I've taken this wonderful medicine and now my life is perfect" ads.

Oh lookie, they have. Dannon DanActive - with l. casei! Hey, didn't Louis Leakey find that in Olduvai Gorge?

Their Dannon Activia commercial is even more grating. This, however, from some guys in northern England, has a funnier take on the "yogurt-as-wonderdrug" commercial. Even if it is a bit long for a commercial. I present: Actimel (the UK version of DanActive). Also with that fucking l. casei!