Thursday, April 05, 2007

G & M

I don't have a whole lot of money, but I decided to celebrate the beginning of our spring break and my vacation with a reminder of what delicious Maryland cuisine I'd be leaving behind for the next week in SoCal. The destination? G & M, that fabled restaurant by BWI with the oft-celebrated G & M crab cake.

Yep, that's what I had.

I've only had it once, and I guess it was on an off-day for them. Today I was far more impressed by the delicious, so-much-more-crab-than-breading crab cake. And I never hear anyone comment on the roll, but it has to be the softest sandwich roll I've eaten, almost like white sliced bread made into a sandwich roll!

The fries, I must admit, did not impress me. Maybe the would've been better with ketchup (ooh, snap, shouda asked for ketchup). But at least I found a pickle wedge underneath.

But the reason I went was for the crab, which I ate with a fork. I ate the roll separately. And no, $11 for lunch is not my idea of cheap or reasonable, unless I'm in Vegas. But the fries were part of that price, and it is a wonderful crabcake.


Malnurtured Snay said...

But were they old bay fries?

Baltimore Snacker said...

Sadly, no. I should've asked, now that I think of it.

jmc said...

Hi, Baltimore Snacker. I ran across your blog when googling Mary Sue easter eggs a while back and have been lurking. Appreciate the reviews of Balmer cuisine.

I've never been hugely impressed by G&M's sides, but, oh, the crabcakes. Hmm, no dinner plans tonight, so maybe I'll swing by on the way home for carry-out.


Baltimore Snacker said...

JMC: Hey there, thanks for the shout-out! Yeah, the crabcakes are the only reason I go. Now as for them Mary Sues... Well, it looks like they're almost out of 'em at Super Fresh. Get some before they're gone!