Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday Eatin' Part 1: Castaway of San Bernardino

Lots of eating yesterday - including two large meals and, well, nothing else. I know, I know, they recommend three square meals a day (or do they anymore?), but if you're full it's not the best idea to eat just because it's lunchtime!

Jim and our friend Gil and I all met up at this beautiful place called the Castaway, on a hilltop in the city of San Bernardino (ironically this city is also the home of McDonald's; if there, check out the McDonald's Museum). This is a lovely, sumptuous brunch and special-occasion facility high on a hilltop overlooking San Berdoo, which is not in itself a pretty city, but hell, it looks gorgeous from that super high hilltop!

The three of us went for brunch, normally $20 but due to the Easter rush, they added an extra $10 for what seemed to me to be a little less food - and not terribly different than their usual offerings, despite what the girl on the phone said. After valet parking our cars (you're not allowed to park yourself here), admiring the coy in the pond and trying unsuccessfully to avoid the crazy Easter Bunny man giving out plastic eggs, we headed inside to see a looooong line. Apparently, this was the line for food. But I'm still glad I made reservations.

So we were seated, and waited about 10 minutes for the line to get shorter. Odd, we were all doing things on our cell phones and personal organizers (me deleting the many pictures taking up space in the "Sent Items" folder). Then we headed for the food, and what an array of food it was! Just a partial list (I'll star those things I actually did get):
  • bacon - delicious, greasy bacon *
  • eggs benedict and scrambled eggs
  • chili verde *
  • smoked salmon and baked salmon with capers * x 2
  • grilled veggies (including red pepper, green pepper and some very tough eggplant) *
  • menudo and clam chowder
  • enchiladas *
  • chile relleno
  • cheese blintzes *
  • croissants and bagels
  • roast beef cut right in front of your eyes!
And of course, there was dessert, with delicious chocolate flourless cake, three kinds of cheesecake, three more kinds of cake with whipped frosting on it. Oh God, I'm glad I have been going to the gym, because now I know where to go when I get back to Baltimore! After finding an acceptable brunch, of course (I hear John Shields' Gertrude's at the BMA is good, or at the Elkridge Furnace Inn in, of course, Elkridge).