Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Sun Sets

I can't believe I didn't write on this sooner: Sunny's Surplus is history after 59 years of business. Their website isn't even up anymore. The outdorrs and military surplus place filed for Chapter 11 last month, and will be closed forever at the end of the day. They don't have much left - I bought $80 worth of clothing and such for $33. Most of it was pants and a pair of shorts. See if you can find anything, cuz y'all will be outta luck by this time tomorrow.


Dan said...

There's a Sunny's up the street from us across from the Fairgrounds. I never knew it was a big deal around these parts. In the Philly area, where I grew up, we had I. Goldberg, which was an army/navy surplus store and all of my "punk rock" buddies and I would buy our military gear there when we were in high school. It, too, is now out of of business.