Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back to the Helmand!

Went to the Helmand again. The wait wasn't as long as I thought it might be. The owner at first said I would have to wait 20 minutes but he was able to pull a table apart and let me have that (and another couple have the other half). I waited only about five when all was said and done.

Man, I just can't get over that kaddo borawni. I have to find a recipe for it. Also had a dish called kabuli for my main course. This is a pullow of basmati rice, with raisins, julienne carrots and chunks of lamb, more tender than I have had in a long time, anywhere. Very good stuff, especially with the coriander sauce for the lamb (the other sauce they gave for the rice was pretty take-it-or-leave-it).

Here's one thing that was most amusing about the evening: the table of three next to me, including what seemed like one somewhat attractive gay man that I could swear I've seen before, eating out with an equally attractive straight couple. He was talking about some friends of his that sounded like real jerks - hell, I'd dropkick people from my life that treated me that way. And I'm a nice guy! Also mentioned his new boyfriend. Maybe rude to listen in on the conversation going on right next to me, but it was interesting.

I felt sorry for the guy. But he inadvertently gave me a good idea: I heard him say he crosses out his credit card number after he gets the receipt. Truth be told, it is not a good idea to let your card number just lying around, and you really have no control over that in a restaurant. Man, I wish they would just print X's and the last four numbers. And crossing it out so nobody can see it won't stop them from charging you because, hell, the restaurant already has your card number! So everybody but the card thief wins out in the end. I hope.


verity said...

I thought it was law, depending on what state you're in, that the cc receipt XXX's out most of the numbers. When I was in VA last weekend, I noticed at one restauraunt that they didn't do that and it made me very uncomfortable. I've never been to a place in MD that didn't do that!

Wish I could have been Helmand.

Fairfax said...

When I lived in the UK, they never took your credit card into the "back" to do the charge. They brought a machine to your table, the numbers were xxx until the last 4 and you could NOT sign for anything. You HAD to use a PIN for everything. We're so behind here.

Baltimore Snacker said...

Is disturbing they do this y'all. Amen, we are quite behind on the credit card number thing.

Dan said...

I'm a big fan of The Helmand but the last time we went (on a Tuesday or Wed night) it was unbelievably crowded and the service was terrible.

I like the Kaddo Borawni and Aushak appetizers and the Seekh Kabob and Koufta Chhallow.

Rebecca said...

The restaurant sounds great, and I agree, it's virtually impossible not to eavesdrop on other conversations when the tables are close together; that can be part of the fun unless the couple at the next table is breaking up or something.

I thought most places X-ed out everything but the last 4 numbers, but I'm going to pay attention to that now. I, too, became a big fan of the tableside credit card machines when I was visiting my son in France; they're great!