Thursday, March 22, 2007

So... No Panda Express for dinner?

This story "broke" earlier this week, about just how unhealthy Chinese food in the US really is. It makes me never want to eat at the Szechuan Hot Wok again.*

Actually I don't eat there anyway, not since the half-hour wait for a lunch that had been promised in 15 minutes but not even made when I got there - and I got there late, mind you (I ended up storming out and getting the buffet at Little Grove instead. Usually a good buffet, especially on spanakopita day).

What gives me real pause, though, is that this is not a new story. Look at this one from 1994 (I love the title, "A Wok on the Wild Side").

* What's even more disturbing is how whiny so many of the people who commented on this news story are, ranging from "These people are bad scientists!" (Prove it) to "Real Chinese food isn't like this!" (They never said it was) to "Uh DUH!" (As if everyone knows this). I like the commenters on this blog a lot better - y'all are much more mature :) (and this isn't even a news site)!