Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kabob Hut

Left work early today and headed to Timonium to take care of some business. Then I swung by Towson and the Kabob Hut. A minute walk from the York Rd. traffic circle (I'll let you figure out which direction), Kabob Hut serves some decent Middle Eastern (specifically Persian) food. This place specializes in lots and lots of kabobs - of beef, chicken, lamb, etc. You can get these kabobs in both platter and sandwich form. There are also traditional dishes of chicken, lamb, salmon, eggplant.

I didn't have much time so I just stuck with a tried and true favorite, their beef kabob (kebab-e kubideh) platter. This is specially spiced ground beef kebab, served with a generous helping of basmati rice. Kabob Hut's rice is very light, fluffy and flavorful. They sprinkle it with some of a spice that I cannot identify, but it is also in its own little shaker at each table.

Not too long after I ordered, I got my beef kabob. Along with the flavorful beef and rice came a little tub of freshly chopped tomato, onion and cucumber (not terribly stylish, and a little skimpy to be honest). There was another little tub of yogurt (not enough for my taste) and a little paper container (the kind you usually get filled with French fries) of pita. The pita was not soft, and I hardly touched it. But the kebab and rice were more than enough food to make up for the lacking condiments. Good stuff for $7.99, though they either overcharged for the fountain drink, or grossly overpriced it at around $2 - pushing the bill just over $10. Almost a cheap eat, but not close enough in my book.

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