Sunday, January 14, 2007

World Market

Did you know that the sale of beer and wine is legal in the state of Virginia on Sunday, unlike here? At least in the independent city of Falls Church it is. I found that out up close and personal today as I headed down the 295 and around the Capitol Beltway to Falls Church, VA. My purpose was twofold. First, I planned to visit a dim sum restaurant I had read about on called Lucky Three, which the Chowhound folks love, but many others think is either awesome or okay (no bad reviews, though; check the Washington City Paper and the Washingtonian). I forgot to write down the address, so I had to forget that first part of the agenda.

This led to the second thing on said agenda: a visit to Falls Church's World Market. This is a megastore of fine international products

  • groceries (Cadbury choclates from England, tiramisu mix from Germany, and whole shelves filled with Thai Kitchen products)
  • wines (pick a country, any country)
  • beers (okay, not as many countries to pick from)
  • furnishings (papasan chairs, bookcases, couches, oh my)
  • miscellaneous items (tableware, cookware, cookbooks, carpets, draperies), and
  • art from around the world (Maasai necklaces, Tibetan Buddhist meditation bowls, and lots of stuff from Indonesia)
They have tons of these World Markets in California, but only a few days ago did I get any clue that they might be on the East Coast. None are around Baltimore, but there are several clustered around DC, both in Virginia and Maryland. I went and dawdled for, oh, half an hour - there was just so much that I didn't know what to get first! I even called my friend out in SoCal and told him where I was (he was surprised, though not as fascinated by this new discovery as I was). I finally settled on a box of Cadbury chocolate-dipped finger cookies and a bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz (a lovely Australian red wine). I figured I might as well buy some alcohol, because who knows when I will next have the chance to do that on a Sunday? Fascinating.


verity said...

In the Baltimore area, there is 'Grand Cru', a wine bar & shop. "Need wine & beer on SUNDAY? Our license allows us to sell to you 7days a week!"

I thought that was neat.

Baltmore Snacker said...

That's right, I forgot that a few places have special "7 days a week" licenses. Now if only they'd allow more than one branch of any grocery store to sell alcohol in Maryland!

Rachel said...

I'd like to invite you to join in a one day blog event I am hosting over at Food Maven. The details can be found here:
It should be a lot of fun so I hope you can join in!

Baltmore Snacker said...

Sure, it sounds like fun! it doesn't have to be a large trip, does it? Because I usually just make small, as-needed trips. I'll post this and direct them to your site.

danielle said...

That market sounds delightful and you can't go wrong with Yellow Tail Shiraz. There is actually a Royal Farms store near me with a liquor license, but I'm not sure if it is for 7 days.