Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Postcard from London 3: Back in the USA

Well, I just got in a few hours ago, and am fighting jet lag while I head back to work tomorrow morning. Again, I will expand on many of the places I went to eat while in the UK. It is truly a fabulous place!

Also am still quite impressed with British Airways' service. I got served an unusual sandwich for a dinner snack (the big meal was lunch): on a roll, roast beef with rocket (arugula), and a spread of mascarpone and horseradish. Sounds a bit nasty but is delicious!

Here are some of the places I visited in the last leg of my trip. It shouldn't be too difficult to play catch-up, not just because it is all fresh in my head, but because I have spent so much money that I will probably not be eating out again anytime soon!

Cafe Valencia - above-average Italian coffee shop, one of so many in London's Soho. Had a "caramel" bar consisting of a thick layer of chocolate on top of a bar that broke into crumbles when you breathed on it. Also had an okay cappuccino - I drank a lot of that in England.

Pizza Express - They have several locations around London (I ate at one in the shadow of the Tower Bridge and the reconstructed Globe Theatre). I had a delicious pizza of caramelized red onions, basil, anchovies, etc.

Tuk Tuk - Thai place that my friends believed until last night had been going down hill. Had a good, utilitarian pad thai that was quite satisfying.

Pret a Manger - Did you know that McDonald's apparently runs a healthier take away (take-out) place? No, neither did I. But this place is just a place to grab ready-made sandwiches and cakes, fancy potato chips and drinks, and go. And these aren't just your ordinary sandwich. I had a smoked salmon, butter and lemon juice on whole wheat for £2.50 or something like that. It was both hearty and decadent at the same time, if you can imagine that! Oh, there are tons of 'em in the UK. And one whole one in the US (New York, to be precise).

Benjys - like a mini-7-Eleven. I bought a hot Cornish pasty of beef which was filling, if nothing else. Also got a Pepsi Max (Europe's version of Pepsi One). Total: about £4, if that.

And now to sleep. So much to process about this week in London. Stay tuned, and Happy 9th Day of Christmas!