Sunday, December 31, 2006

Postcard from London 2: OMG there is so much here!

And it all costs so much, too!

Have had little time to write, and don't have a lot right now. So I figured I would save it for a bigger post when I get back. Some highlights of the past few days:

Veeraswamy - the UK's oldest Indian restaurant. One friend and I had a three course meal of very chichi Indian food, including some okra-ginger concoction and coriander-covered chicken tikka (the tenderest I have ever eaten) for £16. Also a bottle of water that is more expensive than I wanted to pay for, but it all goes to fighting global warming, so what the hey.

Wagamama - a famous, international noodle house with a fun and eclectic setting. Your food is brought out quickly but you are still served. Had ramen in a coconut soup with prawns (shrimp) for £8. Tastes much better than it sounds. Don't think Wagamama would sell in the US, though, because it is all cafeteria-style seating, at several loooong picnic-type tables. Also an interesting soft drink of elderflowers.

Giovanni's Ciabatteria - right by the WONDERFUL British Museum. My friend and I got panini for a mere £3.50 for each of us.

Aroma - We did Chinese at this good restaurant. A little pricier than I had wanted, but the food was good. My friends and I had shredded duck (that woman sure knew how to shred that duck fast) with spring onions and cucumbers, and wrapped them in thin rice pancakes (kind of like fajitas, in a sense). That starter (appetizer) was £14, but they treated me to that. Out of my own pocket I paid for a delicious braised duck in plum sauce, with egg fried rice, together for £9 (the duck alone was £6.50 or so).

King's Arms - A gay pub popular with my friends. Guinness sells for about £3 a pint. Yum!

That's it for now. Will expand on these when I get back to the US. Cheers!


verity said...

Exciting stuff! Enjoy!

Baltmore Snacker said...

Oh it was, indeed it was very cool!