Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Loss of Willpower at the Mall?

Just got back from Arundel Mills, buying a Ravens hat for a "spirit day" at work to celebrate the Ravens-Colts match-up this Sunday (Guess whom I'm rooting for? Give up? Ah, silly reader, you should know it's not the Colts!)

Then I started getting hungry. Now, I had been sort of good for lunch, eating a Lean Cuisine. Hey, that salmon in lemon dill sauce is tasty, and you can get 5 for $10 at SuperFresh this week - and no, you don't have to buy 5 to get the sale price. Then I had two Little Debbie caramel crispy cookies. Okay, so that wasn't so good. So I wanted to hold off until dinner. Of course, any mall worth its salt provides ample temptation for the conscientious eater.

Walked past the candy store. No temptation there.

Walked past the Auntie Anne's pretzel place. Felt drawn but avoided it. Okay then!

Walked past the Ben & Jerry's. Hey, this is getting easier...

Walked past the Johnny Rockets burger joint. Who wants to pay that much for a quick bite, anyway?

Good work so far, Johnnyboy! I feel strong! I feel invincible!!

I feel a delicious cupcake cookie with a large blob of white sugary frosting on top at Mrs. Field's for only $2.09.