Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I really need to stop eating out so much...

Yes, as the title says, I really, truly need to stop eating out so much. I am spending more than I should!

Case in point: the City Cafe. I went there Saturday night planning to not spend too much. I went fresh with the $26 I spent at Minato the night before on my mind. The City Cafe, across from the Meyerhoff and ridiculously close to so many Mt. Vernon spots, can be cheap, but not what I ordered. I skipped the entrées and went right for the appetizers - what better way to save than by building a meal out of appetizers?

I ordered the beer-battered shrimp with an, um, "unique" sweet-and-sour slaw. The shrimp retained their strong shrimpy flavor (usually a plus, though some may be turned off), even as I dipped each ot them in the accompanying sauce. The slaw was not fun to eat. I am not a fan of anything other than sweet slaw. This was decidedly not that.

I also ordered the French onion soup. Not the absolute best I have had, but tasty. Could've used more cheese, more onions, more croutons, less broth.

With that I ordered two drinks. One was a favorite beer of mine, a bottle of California's delicious Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I love the slightly fruity taste of this beer. Along with that I ordered a dessert drink, their cinnamon chai. Yum. It came hot. Yummy yum.

The total price of the meal after tip was $28. That includes the shrimp, for $11.

Maybe I should've gone for their burger. It's only $9.