Friday, December 08, 2006

New Asia Carry Out

New Asia Carry-Out in Arbutus, the hometown, er, home suburb of soon-to-be-ex-guv Ehrlich (they love him there), has kind of gone down hill, I think. My family has gone there since I was a child, and going there was a special occasion. "I want moo goo gai pan!" That was what I always ate - it came with lots of noodles. Also loved their egg rolls; you can't find many like them these days. The outside is fried but not hard like so many other egg rolls I've eaten lately. The inside is meaty, with shrimp, pork, and lots and lots of Chinese cabbage.

I haven't ordered the moo goo gai pan lately, but I rediscovered New Asia in the last few months. I ordered General Tso's Chicken there a while back. Difficult to eat, with more gristle and stringy fat than I usually expect in my chicken. But the egg roll was good, and the food, like much Chinese lunch take-out, was ridiculously cheap (together they are about $6.50; the egg roll does not come with the entrée, and only one comes per order.

Today I went back for some Orange Chicken, my favorite Chinese dish. I got back to work with it and, yep, fatty and gristly again. Blaaah.

But the egg roll was, again, good. I think next time I am only going to get the egg roll - and maybe the moo goo gai pan.


danielle said...

I don't venture out to the suburbs much, but if I'm ever in Arbutus and hungry, this is good to know. And, if you're in South Baltimore, Sun Hing on Light St. has perfect sweet and sour chicken and good orange chicken, plus for delivery they are lightning fast, and always so nice.

Baltmore Snacker said...

I will have to hunt out Sun Hing. But as for New Asia, yeah, just order the egg roll, unless you're adventurous. As far as greasy spoons go, Szechuan Hot Wok has the better entrées, or at least the better Orange Chicken.

Rachel said...

I love New Asia's eggrolls! We had them all the time when I was little!