Sunday, December 03, 2006

Microwave Brown Sugar "Fudge"?

I have a holiday cookie swap this week at work, and being ever different, I decided to make fudge (why is that word so difficult to type?). I especially wanted to dazzle people with my penuche - wonderful, wonderful brown sugar fudge, by far my favorite flavor. Inspired by the Amateur Gourmet's advice to keep a photo record of your cooking escapades, I decided to try my hand at photographing the hell out of a recipe I was making. The lucky guinea pig recipe? Denise's Microwave Vanilla Fudge. Right in her recipe she states (and I quote):

For a change, try using 2 cups [500 mL] of brown sugar instead of 1cup [250 mL] of white and 1 cup [250 mL] of brown sugar.
Hungering for a good penuche - and knowing I was useless doing it at the stove - I went ahead and adapted this microwave recipe, as suggested by the author.

I started with a simple enough set of ingredients: butter, cream, vanilla, and the star ingredient, brown sugar. Mixing the sugar and cream made a surprisingly easy soup.

It was not that much harder to just throw that in the microwave for 10 minutes. Sure did bubble a lot when I took it out. Too hot! So the tablespoon of butter I added took no time to melt away, almost gone even as I added the vanilla, as you can see.

Next I stirred it, maybe not until it was grainy, but I did stir it a bit and poured it into a square microwave dish, to sit for a while. The recipe recommends that it sit for five minutes.

So I let it sit for ten.

I could've let it sit for 110, it wouldn't have mattered. I didn't get fudge out of this recipe. It is sitting in the fridge right now, but the way I ripped it apart it was pretty clear I had a delicious microwave toffee. An awful fudge, but a pretty decent toffee.

But I didn't want toffee - I wanted fudge. Aw hell, I'm making chocolate fudge for my cookie swap at work this week. At least I'm familiar with that recipe!


verity said...

I'm such a disaster in the kitchen. LOL Hats off to you!