Friday, December 01, 2006

Cheap Eats in One of the World's Most Expensive Cities

I have mentioned very little about this, but I will be taking my blog across the Pond, as it were. I am visiting a friend who lives in London, England, UK of all places! Better yet, where his partner works is centrally located, so I will be close to everything! Of course, I am the type of guy who wants to see all the places the tourists don't go. And I need to save as much of my precious money as possible - Londontown ain't cheap. This means lots of travel on the subway - or as it is known in London, the Underground.

And economically, I could not have picked a worse time to go - when the dollar is at its lowest since the early 1990's - US$1.96 to UK£1! And they're expecting it to be a more even $2 to £1 exchange rate by New Year's! You can assume, probably, that I will be watching the exchange rates like a hawk. No wonder these blokes don't want to switch to the euro! Anyway, I'll be over there right after Christmas - after Boxing Day even, and will be there until just after New Year's Day. Maybe I can make up for it by finding ridiculously cheap after-Christmas sales.

So I am scopin' out all the "cheap eats in London" sites. One vow to myself: I will not eat in American chain restaurants or anything advertized in Heathrow Airport - those places will not be cheap. So I am already doing research.

Toptable seems to have oodles of good, cheap restaurants. A less promising site appears to be "Britain on a Budget," which only has a few places listed. And "Going Underground" looks like it has info not just on cheap restaurants but cheap everything! London Eats also might give me some tips.

Hopefully I can get some good food without spending much. Despite its rep, I hear British food is actually experiencing a renaissance. If you didn't buy your tickets 8 months in advance to get the relatively cheap fare of $600 after taxes (that's out of BWI, mind you), try out the Café Anglais in Frederick, about which I've blogged before.


verity said...

London. Exciting! Can't wait to see the posts. :)