Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can weird rabbit-cat things even EAT ice cream cones?

From the Hallmark people, the strange little rabbit-cat creatures Hoops and YoYo talk about lots of food and non-food related things. Their whole opening schtick is some drill sargeant thing about cranberry sauce from a can (I actually like jellied better than chunky - I like that can shape). So it is marginally food related. And oh my word, is it odd!

The funniest thing is some skit in their "Hoops & Yoyo on Manners" section where they teach you proper etiquette for holding a door open for the person behind you.

The funniest one related to food? Go to "Hoops & Yoyo on Manners," and click "Lesson 2." It's about the proper napkin etiquette when eating an ice cream cone. I tried to link direct, but Blogger won't allow it - illegal characters it says. Sheesh!

It's funnier if you click "Wrong" last.