Friday, November 24, 2006

New York Road Trip Part 1

I can't believe I am sitting on a bench in New York City the day after Thanksgiving in a T-shirt - outside, nonetheless! Here's something to be thankful for, not-so-frigid weather just yet. I checked into the hotel, the Continental Hostel, which often gets mixed reviews on travel websites. The one main concern I have had so far is bedbugs, which I don't think I've seen yet. But I've never seen one so I don't know. Anyway...

Well, the ride up north was pretty uneventful. I am starving, but the dinner hour isn't too far off for me. I did stop at the John Fenwick rest stop along the New Jersey Turnpike to go to Nathan's Famous, which are easy to find in Baltimore. I decided to try the corn dog this time. Nothing remarkable, except that I had rarely enjoyed eating a Nathan's hot dog less than when I ate that one.

Oh well. Dinner beckons in a few, and I am trying this restaurant recommended to me on called Basilica. Cheap, few thrills but excellent. I will report back tomorrow, because I don't think I'll be on again until then.