Sunday, November 12, 2006

Grub at Arundel Mills

Never got to the Greek Festival today, unfortunately. I did wander down to Arundel Mills - a super-mega-outlet mall, but more LIKE a mall than many "groups of outlet stores" I have seen. After buying a shirt I satisfied my craving for candy at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They had some delicious-sounding flavors of fudge! Since I love fudge, I ordered a pound for me and the family. I got a quarter pound each of vanilla (my 2nd favorite flavor, behind brown sugar / penuche) and maple fudge, and a half pound of the intriguing "tiger butter" - a mix of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Then I got it home. And let me tell you, I've had more exciting fudge than this. It's not bad - it's certainly edible. I probably just wouldn't spend $13 for a pound, because it's nothing special. The tiger butter flavor was okay (I gave some to my mother, she seemed to love it). I have had better vanilla, but it tasted odd at first, I can't explain. It tasted better as I ate more. Out of the three, it was probably the best. The maple was just a total waste of money. If you must get fudge, get it somewhere else. And if you must get it at RMCF, don't get the maple. It's boring - very boring.

I also ordered a "S'more on a Stick" - marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate, and rolled in graham crackers. Again, nothing special - don't waste your money.

I had a better eating experience from the Baja Fresh on the outskirts of Arundel Mills Blvd. I was glad to find out that it had opened, as I ate there a few times when I lived in California, and for a chain it served pretty good Mexican food (again, for a chain). This particular Baja Fresh is closer than most Marylanders will ever get to real Mexican cooking, unless they bother to go downtown to the flourishing Latino neighborhoods near Baltimore's Eastern Avenue (Fells Point's Tortillería Sinaloa on Eastern Avenue, for example, is raved about by many locals). Compared to their tacos, Baja Fresh is adequate. Take the local restaurants and tortillerías out of the picture, and it's quite good. I'd recommend the taco combos - I got the carnitas tacos with black beans, rice and an extra order of guacamole, plus several different salsas, some lime wedges and cilantro at a self-serve condiment bar. This was all about $6.50. Pretty reasonable, though I did wind up finishing everything - not usual for me, as I am used to having food left over. But tasty indeed.