Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Royal Farms Store

Until now, I have not had to write about a bad food experience. Today, I got fodder for my first bad food blog. The local Royal Farms Store. I won't say which one, only that what I say about this one probably applies to them all. I didn't get sick or anything, I just had an unpleasant dining experience.

Of course, it serves me right. I mean, it's the Royal Farm, for Godsake! You don't go there for good eatin'. A fine restaurant usually has good food. A hole in the wall can often have even better food. But a chain convenience store usually is guaranteed to not be very good. But it was convenient to work, and I thought "Why not just go there and get in and out fast?"

I went to their grill's kiosk - one of two touch-screen ones in a place that I'm surprised still has them, instead of losing them to some smash-n-dash. I had SUCH choices to choose from! Sire Sandwiches! Royal Wraps! King - um, something, I don't pay much attention to those stupid names.

I wound up ordering just a plain old cheesesteak sub. This user interface is very convenient - you choose what you want, then you choose your condiments, and whatever else your little stomach desires. I can't fault Royal Farms on convenience of ordering, that's for damn sure. I got Swiss cheese with onions, jalapeños and pepper.

I waited about 5 minutes, got my food and brought it back to work. I hungrily opened it up, bit into it and... well, it was, hmmm.

How can something so GREASY be so DRY!? The meat was all shriveled and tasteless. Bleahhh.

Don't eat there, just don't. It's yucky.