Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Hippo

Just a quick note. My sister and I went downtown last weekend to see a show at Baltimore's Hippo, a gay bar and dance club that has more than a few straight visitors as well. The show was by the always-hilarious Varla Jean Merman, a drag queen (but so much more) out of New Orleans. Varla - aka Jeffrey Roberson - is too much! I bought a DVD of videos she has made that air during her shows - she signed it "I am lost without you - Varla."

If you've never seen a drag show it is quite a fun experience. If you know you won't be seeing Varla's show, Anatomically Incorrect, in San Fran or New Orleans anytime soon, you can at least see her in the tacky but funny movie Girls Will Be Girls, as a would-be starlet whose mother went crazy on national TV while accepting an award. That hardly tells the story. Even funnier: the movie is only acted by men!

So what is a drag show doing on this food-related blog? Well, we had some great Indian food beforehand (to be posted soon). Also, it is worth mentioning that a bottle of Guinness is $4.50 at the Hippo. The bartenders in the show area are very busy - I waited longer than I really wanted to, and I think some patrons got served before I was. And this was the bartender that actually paid attention to me! Just be prepared for a wait for your drink at the Hippo.