Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What this blog is all about...

So what is the "Charm City Snacker" all about, anyway? Well, it's about some restaurants that I have visited - usually in Charm City (better known as Baltimore), and would like to share with the blog-reading public.

You are welcome to leave comments, but first a few ground rules:

1) Please post about food-related things. I will delete just about everything that does not deal with food in some way.

2) Nothing obscene or mean-sprited. Also, nothing political. There are sites for that. This isn't one of 'em.

3) If you want to recommend a good restaurant, go ahead. I might post it, but will probably try out the place first.

4) This is probably presumptuous, but preemptive, but: I will not meet people who comment on the blog. The only way you'll ever meet me is by accident, and you probably won't even know it!

5) I reserve the right to delete any comments that I find inappropriate in any way.

That's it. Happy reading!