Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So what is the eatin' like in Bawlmer?

First off, what IS Charm City? Well, it is Baltimore - the largest city in the state of Maryland, in the United States. It is a moderately-sized city of around 640,000 people, but over 2 million in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Located on the bee-yutiful Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore is (depending on whom you ask) a Mid-Atlantic, Southern, Northeastern or "Capital Region" city. Technically, we are in the South, y'all, as we are squarely below the Mason-Dixon Line - and much our cuisine reflects it. But like many cities in the North, we are a city of immigrants as well. Our rich traditions of ethnic cuisines certainly shows that. And of course, we are a seafood and pit-beef town. The blue crab is our state symbol, and we worship it here, in every incarnation. Sure, I've eaten dungeness, snow crab, king crab, even - blaahhhh - imitation "krab with a k" (Do not EVER call that crab here; we reserve the right to smack you, hehehe). But I was raised by the Chesapeake; I'm a blue crab boy, and always will be. We also have great oysters here.

So basically, we are a Southern city with a very, very diverse culinary background. I like eating here!

You might get a much better picture of what food in Baltimore is like at Wikipedia (God, I LOVE Wikipedia!) who has a good blurb about Baltimore's culture, which includes much about our food.