Thursday, February 14, 2013

Getting the urge to live-blog again

Though a few posts have yet to go live, the cooking portion of my State-by-State project is completed.  It's so nice to go into a supermarket without looking for specific ingredients so that I can make some unfamiliar though lovely trout recipe from Big Sky Country.  Same with cookbooks in the library: I don't have to search out cookbooks on Hawaiian, Cajun or New England cuisine anymore.  Now I'm just looking up what I feel like, after two years of recipe research.  It's very liberating.

So over the next few weeks, I will be revisiting some of the projects that have come and gone on this blog, just for old time's sake.  Starting up: a live-blog of Chopped on Tuesday at 10 - their "Chopped Champions" finale.  Yes, I know it's already aired and you guys know who won, but I don't, so like NBC would say "It's new to me!"

I haven't been following this show at all so I will be giving a fresh perspective on our champions since I've never heard of them and never seen them in action before.  I admit, the show (particularly the chefs) used to annoy the hell out of me, not to mention the show's propensity for looking for only two types of chef: those working in New York City and those working near New York City.  It's gotten more interesting lately, the contestants have gotten more geographically diverse, and the judges have gotten less douchebaggy.

So anyway: next Tuesday I'm doing a live-blog of the 10pm showing of Chopped Champions on the Food Network.  Just for funzees.  Interested in following along?  Tune in then.