Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And now for some big news...

I mentioned this weekend that I had some big news coming up, and so here it goes.  

I’m ending the blog.  

Not right now, but soon. Like "in a few weeks" soon.

After six and a half years of posts about food around the city, around the Beltway, around the country and around the world, I feel that I’ve done everything I want to do with it.  Oh sure, there are a whole lot of other things I could do with it: there will always be new potential projects to start, foods to be grown, silly Sandra Lee videos to riff on (hey, I bet there are some of Guy Fieri, too), etcetera.  But I will leave those things to others.  

If you’ve been paying attention, I have been dropping little hints here and there, specifically in the types of posts I’ve been doing (revisiting the sorghum popping thing, for example?  One more post of live blogging silliness?).

I myself am satisfied with what I’ve done, and I don’t feel like becoming just the latest of thousands of bloggers who peter out, post a few things one month, nothing for two or three, then in a rush of renewed enthusiasm post five more things the next month and then nothing ever again.  I’m giving The Baltimore Snacker a proper send off.

Don't worry; I'm not taking it down. I will leave it up. And why not? Again, I'm proud of the effort I've done. Why not leave it there in cyberspace?

So, over the next two weeks, I will finish up the State-by-State project I’ve been working on since late 2010, and put up a few posts of “remembries” and lists of favorite things.  In a sense, if you can think of my first post as my first freshman English 101 essay, think of the next two weeks of posts as my dissertation. (Okay, silly analogy but still...)

Or if you're really patient and just want to skip to the end, check back on March 12.  That will be the last last day.


LS Viti said...

Oh, no, please don't end your blog! I'm just getting started on it, having discovered it very recently. Please, please please (come back with you cape on like James Brown used to do...)the popping sorghum entry was awesome. More, please!

theminx said...


John said...

Eloquently put ;) Glad to know I will be missed. And congrats again on the book, Kathy!

Laura said...

well, dang. you've been on my daily read list for almost as long as you've been blogging. you'll be missed!

John said...

Thanks :)