Monday, January 21, 2013

Free burgers? Mmmm...

As we all now know, DEM RAVENS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!  (Ahem, sorry, felt the need to shout that).

To celebrate this, today only, January 21, Z Burger in White Marsh will be giving out free hamburgers (or would these be "Har-burgers"?) from 11 to 2.  As The Sun's Richard Gorelick mentions, they did this last week, too, after the Ravens' thrilling victory over the Broncos.  I actually found that one more exciting, though this one more satisfying.  He mentions that you had to say the magic words "Super Bowl" when ordering, so maybe you have to this time as well?  You can get either a regular or a purple bun.  Ah me.  RAVENSW000000000T!