Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Friggin' Food Fight!!!

If you are anywhere near the Westport Waterfront on Saturday, 11 to 7, bring some money and a hefty appetite.  The first ever Baltimore-Washington intercity food truck event, A Taste of Two Cities, is happening this weekend.  Here's what you'll find:

* forty food trucks - twenty from each city
* judges! - three from each city
* parking - lots and lots of parking
* people - lots and lots of people, but hell, you can't help that

We have the home field advantage here, but any Washingtonians coming to this thing will be arriving with an appetite so get there early if you can.  There will be food.  Lots of food.  Directions to this event can be found at the Westport Waterfront website, but mind the irritating music that opens up with the page; the directions can be found in the upper left hand corner behind the green arrow.

Thanks to Jessica Lemmo and Richard Gorelick for the info!


awb said...

This weekend?