Monday, March 05, 2012

Lumbini Revisited

My friends Jim & Ralph told me a few months ago: "You have to go to Lumbini!  This place is great."  Funny thing though: I had gone there a year or so ago, and ordered something that I seriously did not like.  In fairness, they told me I probably would not like what I ordered.  It was some sort of Nepalese dried shredded lamb dish.  They were right: I didn't like it, but at least I tried it!  Whatever the case, I headed back this past weekend and got myself a secluded table in a restaurant that was disturbingly quiet for a Friday night.  I did not even realize that my friends were there, along with some other friends of theirs (note to self: call Allison for some of that spare deer meat they have).  We joined up at one table and waited for our meals.

This time, I did like what I had for the most part.  I ordered some veggie samosas ($5) - rich potato samosas with a more tender and delicate pastry crust than I usually find in most samosas I have out.  The guys also let me try a chicken momo (dumpling) which was something I will likely order the next time I go.  The others had ordered their own things, and I ordered the paneer makhani  ($13).  I was trying to go meatless for Friday, and except for that chicken momo I more or less succeeded.  I loved the silken sauce, especially with my garlic (and green chile?) naan, though the flat pieces of paneer cheese tasted very slightly burnt.  It wasn't really a problem, and I did enjoy this dish.

I am a bit puzzled at why so few people were there. True, there are a lot of Indian / Nepalese restaurants in the area, so maybe that dilutes it.  But do stop by sometime soon.