Thursday, February 02, 2012

This gives new meaning to the phrase "Old tub o' lard"


Retired chemist Hans Feldmeier, 87, told AFP [Agence-France Presse?] he had received the pig fat as a student in 1948... [He] said he had been given the tub [of lard] together with two tins of noodles and some milk.  "I just didn't want to throw it away," he explained.  Finally, after 64 years, he took it to food safety agents and was astonished at their appraisal.  [9 News Australia 2012]
Feldmeier said it was gritty, lacked taste or smell, and "looked old" but in all was still edible. And he can have it too, right next to the big jar of Vegemite that I'm also not going near.

One thing I can say: at least he didn't also hold on to the milk for 64 years.

UPDATE - Apparently I missed that the gentleman was from Germany (focused on the fact that an Australian news agency was reporting this).  Still: Ew.


Anonymous said...

This story has nothing to do with the Australian Police. The man lives in Germany and broke no laws.