Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I don't get many opportunities to write about places I've eaten at anymore. That and I don't often eat out at places I haven't been to lately.  One place I hit up with friends on Saturday night that I haven't been to is the wonderful Samos in Greektown.  Just a head's up or two: they don't take cards (cash only), you must bring your own alcohol (though they do provide wine glasses), and you need to prepare yourself for a 30 or 45 minute wait for a table.  That's how long it took my friends and I to get seated.  We almost left, but I had waited that long, and I didn't want to waste all that time.

Samos is very compact and very crowded, with Mediterranean murals all over the walls.  They will try to seat you as soon as possible.  Just be patient.  Even if you're dealing with twelve obnoxious drunk women singing Happy Birthday in as off key a manner as humanly possible.

What my friends Eric & Alan recommended was the Tour of Samos ($22 per person, at least two persons).  You get the following:

* lots of soft, hot pita bread.  I've never really gotten into pita bread.  I usually get the stuff cold, hard and cardboard-flavored (if flavored at all).  Samos' is delicious, almost buttery even.  And you get lots of tzatziki sauce to go with it.  They will give you a plate of olive oil and anchovies to eat with it if you ask for it.
* salad.  Pretty standard stuff but good.  The anchovies are good with this too.  Watch out: the olives are not pitted.
* various meze: juicy dolmades, and some of the best breaded fried calamari I've had in ages.  I might have to go back sometime during the week just to order that.
* lamb chops, gyro meat and chicken souvlaki pieces.  The lamb was wonderful, though I enjoyed the gyro meat, which is usually tough and gummy.

There was too much to eat there.  I had to take some home.  And you will too if you come to Samos.