Thursday, January 26, 2012

NYPL Mega Menu Database

Why am I always the last one to see this stuff?  I was doing research on early Indian restaurants in New York City - yes, this is what I do for fun - and came across a site that led me to this database on the New York Public Library website.  It is an extensive database of restaurant menus dating back to the 19th century!  Individuals can volunteer to transcribe them, or correct things that aren't correct.  And it's not just New York restaurants, either.  One random one that popped up: a 1955 menu from Baltimore's own Chesapeake Restaurant, once open near Penn Station and what is now the Charles Theater.  Loving their entry for "Chicken Chesapeake In Casserole" for only $2.50.  That would easily be ten times the amount today, almost 60 years later.

This is a time waster for a few hours.

(Menu cover from the Chesapeake Restaurant in Baltimore, c. 1955.  Image linked from the New York Public Library Menu Database)


theminx said...

I guess you didn't see my Tweets about it last year. Might have posted it on FB too. Indeed a fun time-waster.

John said...

Yep, totally missed it. Again, I am always the last to know these things :|