Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dougherty's Pub

Last night I wanted a hamburger or a Reuben after happy hour, and I was in Mount Vernon.  I considered my usual choices for such sandwiches: City Cafe, Marie Louise, Stable. But a friend texted me another option: Dougherty's Pub, next to the Triple L Bar.  I've passed by this little pub many times but never thought twice about it.  I am glad I did.  Pretty sparsely populated on a Wednesday night, and homey.  They have a standard pub fare menu - pretty much American fare, nothing really Irish if that's what you're seeking - including a list of burgers to go with that beer.  I went with the Blue Cheese burger ($7.50), topped with the standard onions, lettuce, tomato (they will hold those if you don't want them), along with bacon and Bleu cheese dressing.  Not your average warmed over, dried-up burger.  This one was a little soppy on the bottom, but still a good, juicy one.  And a good way to absorb the Fat Tire or two you had at the Central during happy hour.