Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Harris Teeter Baltimore coming soon!

Tomorrow morning, the Locust Point branch of Charlotte-based Harris Teeter finally opens on McHenry Row.  Apparently this evening there will be a "Taste of Teeter" event for the local community, so people can get a taste of what has just opened up in their neighborhood.  I have said before how much I like Harris Teeter, having shopped at their Columbia store and (when I am down that way, which I am often these days) their Kalorama (DC) and Pentagon Row (Arlington) locations.  But it will be nice to finally have access to it in my own home town, the northernmost Harris Teeter location.

Their press release about the grand opening explains more about the supermarket chain.  Alas, they will not (as of yet) be selling liquor or wine.  But one thing I am really loving: IT'S TWO FRIGGIN' STORIES!  That alone merits a visit.  Plus, they sell a lot of South-specific brands that are difficult-to-impossible to find this close to the Mason-Dixon Line (White Lily flour, for example, though I am starting to see it in more strictly Mid-Atlantic supermarket chains, and even Wegman's).  Regardless, I am liking this, and plan to visit the new Harris Teeter soon.